In the story of Eryndor, Fury of the Far North is the name given to the force garrisoned in the port of Galadia.  We are a cosmopolitan group with fighters of every stripe.  From noble samurai to, dark knights, as well as shifty goblins and sturdy dwarves, all are welcome into the ranks in defense of hearth and home.

Arjac Ironside - One of the triumvirate, a chaos knight from another world.  He found himself in the port of Galadia in the wake of the moon-fall and set about trying to assemble a force.  Arjac has no real cause or end beyond battle itself, in his mind and to the gods that sent him to this world, it matters not from where the blood flows - only that it flows. 

Nekrosis Vadok - One of the triumvirate - An undead goblin thing - more coming soon

Bear - One of the triumvirate - A regular goblin thing, often confused for a non threat due to his antics.  Do not be fooled.